About Us

About Us

Men are 3.8x more likely than women to die by suicide.

John, Justin, and Mike have too many friends that have died or been close to dying, and we can't stand to hear of one more.

(Some of) The Backstory

On January 13, 2023, John messaged Justin about this idea John had been sitting on for a while:

"I'm building an advocacy apparel brand... focused on men and men's mental health and literally dudes talking to each other."

On the 18th, they met for lunch at Maria Bonita's in Orem, Utah. As they sipped the best Horchatas known to man, there was an instant bond of brotherhood as they shared their own stories. After tears were shed, they set out to build a world-class brand centered around awareness for men's mental health. 

John & Justin First Lunch Meeting

A month later, John and Justin were connected to Mike, who had already been facilitating men's retreats for more than a year.

Mike invited them to attend his retreat coming up on April 28-29.

On April 19, John and Justin went to lunch and met with Jason for the first time.

Afterwards, Justin and Mike invited Jason to join the upcoming retreat.

Jason, John, and Justin Out For Lunch
Fast forward to 2:50pm on April 28, Mike finally agreed to join John and Justin as a Co-Founder.
Mike, Justin, & John

That evening, John, Justin, and Jason joined Mike in Midway, Utah for one of his men's retreats. All four of them had such a transformational experience that they knew that Mike's retreats would have to be a central part of what they were doing.

Mike Allen Retreat April 2023
Two days later, on May 1st, they officially launched the Heare Brotherhood. The Launch Collection apparel was finally available on their website, and to celebrate, they bought 40 Costco pizzas and did a launch party + concert at Vivian Park in Provo, Utah. Over 100 people showed up.
Over the next 6 months, they would:
  • hold more than 40 events; 20 in-person and 20 virtual.
  • launch two limited apparel collections (The Launch Collection & The Oath Collection) & the Heare Essentials Collection of evergreen apparel.
  • develop and launch the Heare Brotherhood app
  • become a global brotherhood, with men representing every habitable continent and more than 32 countries
  • participate in multiple pitch competitions
  • hold the first official Heare Retreats at Rogers' Ranch in Franklin, Idaho in October; then, their biggest one yet, with 33 men at Zion's Wildflower Resort in Virgin, Utah, where men from eight states gathered to have a transformative weekend.
Come continue the story with us, either on our Heare Brotherhood app, or at one of our retreats, or BOTH!
Join us in our mission: to forge a global brotherhood of support and growth.

We are here to hear. 

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